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Transporting Large size Glass (Windshield)
Case Studies

One of our esteemed customers, a big manufacturer of commercial and passenger cars were facing issues when transporting their windshield glasses.
  1. Their current packaging was in wooden boxes / corrugated boxes with EPS (thermocole). This packaging is hazardeous to the environment.
  2. Damages in transit were a big issue which in turn resulted in shortage of material, service interruptions and financial losses upto 10%.
  3. The glass windshield weighs about 80 kgs and this exaggerated the problem of handling it.
  4. The insurance claims, reporting and additional documentation resulted in loss of productivity for their team.
  5. The product had to go through multiple handling and severe transporting conditions.


We were approached to suggest a packaging solution which will protect the windshield throughout itís journey to the end user. We were asked to address the problems mentioned above and provide a cost effective solution.
The Solution - After Packaging Design  
Windshield glass packaging after design  

  1. Corrugated fitments were designed to hold the glass firmly.
  2. Alternative cushioning material EPE was used in place of EPS (thermocole) for better shock absorption.
  3. The corrugated boxes provided better branding (the customer could print their details on the box) and replacement of wooden box reducing impact on the environment.
  4. Cost reduction was achieved with packing the product in corrugated boxes.
  5. Gross weight of the package was reduced which resulted in lower transportation and handling costs.
corrugated box