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corrugated box

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These are the qualities which make us better than others
  • Technology advancements

  • Efficient glue packaging

  • Complicated packaging design

  • Better aesthetics

  • Better strength

  • Good raw material

The corrugated sheets are made on fully automatic 5 ply German Corrugated Board line, which has following advantages;
  1. The glue applied only at the flute tips and the glue quality is continuously monitored, which gives a better strength as well as bonding to the board.
  2. The flutes do not get crushed and hence more strength for the box.
  3. The drying of the board takes place in the machine itself, which helps in controlling the level of moisture in the board and reduces warping.
  4. The boxes are made on 3 colour printer-slotter –diecutter, which gives very good finish to the boxes

Enjoy the following benefits by joining hands with us:-

  • Environment friendly packaging.

  • With corrugated boxes you can have brand building (by printing) which is not possible in wooden boxes

  • No pilfrage since the boxes are not open

  • Gross weight of the package is lesser with corrugated boxes

  • Reduced packing time

  • Lesser physical injuries / increased safety of workers

corrugated box