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corrugated box
Case Studies

At Discover India Packaging, our prime focus is to provide a one stop solution to corrugated packaging needs of the customers. The packaging solutions are developed considering the entire chain from the manufacturing till the end customers. We also help our customers, who are exporting their goods, to optimise the packaging sizes for maximum container utilisation.

Heavy Duty and High Strength Corrugated Boxes

We specialise in Corrugated box packaging for heavy components, which require critical designing due to the nature of the product.

Packaging of Fenders Packaging of Regulators
Packaging of diesel engine   Packaging of coils

Box developed to carry 1.4 Tons of load of compressors
Compressor packaging   Compressor stacking
We have successfully given solution to pack diesel engine weighing 450 Kgs, in corrugated box which was being packed in wooden box.
Engine packaging before solution - 1   Engine packaging before solution - 2

After solution
Engine packaging before solution - 1   Engine packaging before solution - 2

Honey Comb

Honey Comb
We are introducing honeycomb applications into packaging of industrial goods. The Compressive strength of honeycomb coupled with corrugated gives a great strength to the overall packaging.

Slip Sheets

Slip Sheet Usage Slip Sheets

We are introducing slip sheets as an alternative to the wooden pallets. Slip sheets saves cost & space when compared to wooden pallets.We provide the complete solution for slip sheet handling, which includes push pull attachment / Roller forks and the slip sheets. We provide the required training to the operators for using push-pull attachment and Roller fork.

The advantages of slip sheets are its low cost, easy storage and durability vis-a-vis wooden pallets. There is great potential for savings for the customers by switching to slip sheets.

Roller Fork/Push Pull Attachment

Roller fork and Push pull attachments are used to operate the material along with slipsheets. Contact us to get more details on how can these save you money on your inventory management in warehouses.
corrugated box
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