Our Solutions

Our Solutions

  • 1

    We have converted existing single product packing to multipack boxes by introducing jumbo boxes, thereby reducing the overall packaging cost, labor and convenience to user as well as their customer.

  • 2

    Our specialties include Glass Packaging, sheet metal packaging, press parts packaging, heavy engineering components, Design of Internal fitments for the complicated parts.

  • 3

    We design and provide solutions to replace wooden packaging with corrugated boxes and EPE foam.

  • 4

    We have successfully given solution to pack diesel engine weighing 450 kg in a corrugated box which was earlier being packed in wooden box.

  • 5

    We have been supplying corrugated box packaging solution to pack windshield glasses for many automobile companies which were earlier using wooden boxes with thermocole and were having damage complaints.

  • 6

    We have given complete packaging solution to pack two wheelers in corrugated box for the exports.

  • 7

    We design and manufacture packaging solutions using various recyclable materials to be one stop solution for the customer

  • 8

    We use Water based, eco-friendly inks which are ROHS compliant