Moulded Paper Pulp

Moulded Paper Pulp

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About Moulded Paper Pulp Products
  • Moulded paper pulp products (also known as moulded fibre products) are new age, 100% eco friendly alternative to EPS (thermocol) and a replacement for single use plastic packaging..
  • It is 100% made up of recycled paper
  • Has lowest or close to no impact on the environment.
Technical Advantages
  • Mouldable- This is mouldable as per product shape, thereby offering optimal protection.
  • Adequate strength: Offers required strength to the product, protecting from Damages
  • Nestable: These products can be nested and transported, thereby reducing transportation cost significantly, which is an advantage over Thermocol, which cannot be nested.
  • Accuracy: Since it is made using moulds, there is no possibility of manual error.
  • Repeatability: Even after producing thousands of pieces, the output quality remains the same.
  • Cost effective: Moulded paper products cost almost the same or Maximum 5-7% more than Thermocol fitments. It is much cheaper than EPE foam as well.
  • Fast and Convinient: The Moldability ensures there are no packaging partitions or structures need be constructed. One can directly insert the products and start packing.

New Era of Focus on Environment Friendly Packaging

  • Traditionally, industry has been using polluting packaging such as EPS (thermocol), single use plastics and other material.
  • EPS is the most environmentally damaging material- takes more than a million years to break down.
  • EPS is not recyclable practically
  • The Govt. of India has already banned Thermocol in single use plates, spoons, cups, and decorative items.
  • It is only matter of time that single use industrial packaging of Thermocol will be banned in India.
  • Many of the MNCs’ executives are being appraised based on the environment friendly packaging being developed. As a result, Environment focus has got a                       strategic importance in the Industry.

Application Areas

  • This product, because of its versatility, has many applications. It is a designer’s product & offers ample opportunity to upgrade the packaging to eco                          friendly way.
  • General Products

    • Industrial fitments
    • Packaging Gap fillers
    • Egg trays
    • Egg boxes
    • Wine Shippers
    • Kidney Trays
    • Medical disposable trays
    • Disposable medical Urinals
    • Compostible Plant nursery pots
    • Corner protectors for Furniture
    • Roll Stacker


    • Electronics
    • Consumer Durables (FMCD)
    • Automobile
    • Pharma (Glass bottles)
    • Cosmetics
    • Engineering goods
  • Industrial Applications are:
  • Electronics, Cell phones, TV, modems etc.
  • Glass products such as Chemical bottles, Tubes, Laboratory equipment etc.
  • Electrical appliances like Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Water purifiers etc.
  • Household items, Toasters, Coffee makers, Furniture etc.
  • Vehicle parts, Gears, Panels, Headlights, Wheels etc.
  • Industrial products, Electrical, Plumbing, Tools etc.

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