Moulded Paper products

We provide design solutions and moulded fibre products
for replacement of single use plastic, EPS (Thermocol),
EPE and plastic thermoformed trays

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We provide design oriented, innovative, one
stop solution for all your packaging needs

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We, at Discover India Packaging, take pride in designing customer-centric packaging solutions keeping in mind their requirements from production to the end customers. We believe in building the relationship and trust with our customers.

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of moulded paper pulp or moulded fibre products in India. We provide eco friendly, biodegradable and sustainable replacement for EPS or Thermocole, EPE, Thermoformed trays, single use plastic fitments for industrial packaging and retail packaging

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We provide variety of Products and Solutions for our customers

Moulded paper pulp products

Environment and Technical advantages of Moulded paper pulp products

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We have been serving following industry verticals since inception years